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1st Annual Masquerade Gala

October 21st 2017 We hosted our 1st Annual Masquerade Gala, Wine Pull and Silent Auction. Special Thanks to all that helped make this happen!! DJ Masonite Jeff Rulo and Brad Neunaber, Robyn Schultz, Trisha LeBlanc,Desiree Wade, Candice DeSherlia-Kronable, Jonah White, Theresa Bregenzer, Karla's Jewelry out of Carlinville,, Debs Ceramic shop out of Carlinville, Michelle LaMarsh, Joseph Heneghan, Sarah Heafner, OLDE Shop out of Carlinville, Coffee House out of Carlinville, CNB BANK Carlinville, Carissa Renken, Deborah Wade, Mary Mary Beth Camp, Sharon Clagg, Jersey County DCFS, Brian Sullivan with Sullivan Drug Store - Hillsboro, Deanna Demuzio , Grafton Harbor, Erica Kaminsky, Jeffrey Clagg, Dominoes Jerseyville and Sherry Droste.


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